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Thara MogweIn the world of radio, live awards coverage and general communication, Thara is a woman of many brush strokes. Not only has she been an on-air broadcaster, announcer, newsreader, celebrity and community-based interviewer, voice talent, host, journalist and presenter she has made broad inroads into roles and extras’ work for film and television.

Her credits to date have included “Deadly Women”, “The Matrix”, “Superman”, “The Alice”, “All Saints” as well as “Peugeot”, “Chanel”, “Smiths Crisps”, “Libra” advertisements.

Self motivated, resourceful, quick to learn and multi-tasked with excellent time management, Thara has been able to work in fast-paced corporate settings; prepare and read news bulletins; produce and present for commercial talk-back and lifestyle radio, SBS music and culture shows; and meeting broadcasting and news deadlines.

Her technical skills in sourcing, researching, developing engaging and accurate content and writing news bulletins as part of the 2SM news team have enabled Thara to effectively produce, lead and present current affairs shows such as “African Vine”, “African Hour” and “MultiCult” for SBS Radio. As writer and editor, she has over four years of experience in program scripts and news segments related to entertainment, youth, music and culturally diverse content.

Just as importantly, she views people skills as essential to staff, client, student and public liaison in both radio and music industries. Thara lends her voice as a presenter and host’s warmth in equal measure to commercials, community announcements, narratives for radio, corporate videos and events.

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