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ICACM is the brainchild of Croatian respected actor, director and educator, Michael Turkic and Vietnamese hearing-impaired writer and award-winning indie filmmaker, William Le. They are also life partners.
Profoundly deaf, William Le is a multifaceted writer with more than 15 years' experience in film, television, literature and broadcast media. He worked for Persuasive Networks in Hong Kong and Singapore, specialising in content aggregation, scheduling and forecasting. He assisted with market research, branding, acquisitions, copywriting, promotion, presenting and co-production of two luxury lifestyle and educational Pay TV channels in the Asia-Pacific rim. He also was strategy advisor to the direction of a full-service digital media agency, Overall-Media.

He graduated with an Advanced Diploma from Sydney Film School and enjoyed Bachelor of Arts particularly in sociology, philosophy and anthropology at USYD (University of Sydney).
To date William has directed, written, edited and produced numerous screenplays, short films, promos and documentaries for film school including "Lies I Told Myself", "Dark Shiny Places" and "... And Then We Die". He won an award as production designer for "Hi" as well as Best Documentary audience award for the gripping subject on suicide in "Wide Empty Places". He frequently writes poems, novellas, graphic novels and reviews. He often has been compared to Patrick White in a stream-of-consciousness approach, intricate storytelling and character-developing concepts. His writing has been called 'intriguing'.

In 2014-2015 William was a DON'T Dis My ABILITY Ambassador for the NSW Government Family & Community Services. He raises awareness for disability issues, politically correct language and social etiquette while offering hilariously unique insights into the world of the deaf and hearing impaired.

William hopes to be a self-published and self-styled crusader and showrunner for superhero drama, fantasy, sci-fi and human rights issues. He, although rather unwittingly, became a Buddhist with a firm humanist edge and a panglossian taste for justice. He frequently has dreams of impenetrability, elemental control and flight.
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