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Xavier Fernandez HeadshotXavier Fernandez reveals very little about himself—which is important when you’re an actor tackling many different characters over the course of your career. A Spaniard with an Australian nationality, he has been able to walk across different genres, from comedy to crime, from adventure to thriller and from social commentary, navigating through life changes, to the meaningful search for existentialism and cultural synergy.

Xavier starred as a guard in “Rough Stuff”, an off-road adventure about mud, mates, gold and a good oldfashioned lawless romp through the outback where outcasts have to choose between loyalty and selfpreservation. The road scenery with all the cat-and-mouse elements is also central in “Wrath”, where his character Javier Coritz travels with a group of friends through the remote Boanyoo Ranges, only to encounter a dangerous stranger who exemplifies the movie title.

Likewise, Xavier is a “Dark Horse”, a lonely taxi driver who forms an unlikely companionship with a young girl, together embarking on a journey to leave their troubled lives behind. Taking place in a small Chilean town, “Ca-Chi-Pun” sees him as a childhood friend whose bond with one another is tested in surprising ways.

Xavier nails the common, yet complex criminal look in “East West 101”—a highly acclaimed police drama demarcating the difference and reconciliation between Muslim and non-Muslim attitudes. He achieved a similar feat by appearing in two separate episodes of “Water Rats”.

Onto the more light-hearted fare, Xavier has served up a copious amount of “Australian Pie”—which is basically American Pie with an Australian slapstick twist, where the coming-of-age passage is fraught with peril as usual. Similarly “The Loop” takes the dating world through the wringer of off-the-charts hilarity. Xavier is a young, virile, handsome and extremely desirable lead—until he opens his mouth.

Xavier has courage for adventure and fantasy too, describing his work with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey on the tropical paradise ‘set’ of “Fool’s Gold” and with the respected director Bryan Singer on “Superman Returns” as highlights of his career.

Indeed, the body of his work could be said to resemble aspects of his personality: stoic, intense, enigmatic and hawk-eyed. Whether Xavier chews up the screen in a large part or small part, you stop and listen to him. And that’s the best that a working actor could ever ask for.

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