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Thomas Justin 10Thomas Justin is a Sydney based actor/model with an eclectic eye for fashion and eye-popping sartorial pieces at a relatively young age. Of Chinese heritage, Thomas is already in demand for commercial TV, catalogues, and presenting. His perfectionist and self-challenging nature has taken him around Australia and around the world for his career.

While he sets the bar very, very high for himself, Thomas is always learning, creatively trying to maintain and improve himself in all facets, hopefully achieving self-actualisation in the process. He also hopes that when he reaches his peak a long time from now, he would like to make other people happy through some of his works, perhaps even to inspire others like he himself has been.

Thomas’ articulated interest in human behavior/health and physical (athletic) development follows on from his career in fashion modeling, print/photography, promotion as well as creative writing and competitive sport. He holds the idea that to tell a story successfully is to maximize one’s potential at that particular time through one’s chosen field.

Recently he has made inroads into acting, applying method acting under the tutelage of renowned and internationally trained Natela Dzuliashvili. Empowered by subtle and nuanced means of a ‘natural, alive state’ whether it is on the runway or on screen, Thomas seeks to flesh out a living, truthful human persona through artistic conception.

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