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Teodora AvramovicHSwebTeodora A. (aka Tia) is a young actor who is currently enrolled at Wollongong High School of Performing Arts (WHSPA), The Actors Assembly Teens, The Drama Studio and EGTC. She has been performing as an actor, dancer and singer since the age of 3.

Tia is a citizen of both Canada and Australia having been born in Canada and now living in Australia. She is multi-lingual; her first language was English. However she also speaks Serbian (Croatian) and is currently learning Italian in which she has a basic understanding of.

As part of The Actors Assembly Teens, Tia has filmed several scenes for film and television. She is always learning about—and enjoying—the business of acting. By developing her personal attributes and qualities, she continues being the best person that she can be, which is mindfulness.

Tia has many other skills that would enable her to perform in many scenes that may need these talents such as basketball, kayaking and swimming.

As a young aspiring actor Tia has appeared in several performances and tested her acting abilities in several types of acting styles. Appearances include:

  1. WHSPA productions put on one main stage feature every year. Tia was chosen for a lead role in 2016’s “The Ash Girl” and is playing Mother.
  2. WHSPA displays students best chosen class works in which Tia has consistently performed every year showcasing children’s classics such as “Rapunzel”, “Matilda” and others.
  3. As improvisation is a valuable skill, Tia has appeared now twice in the Junior Theatre Sports competition in Sydney as part of a team. They have come 4th overall in 2014 and 1st overall in 2015.
  4. Tia tries to participate in as many programs and shows as possible to showcase her progress, involving herself both within curricular and extracurricular activities such as Improvisational Eisteddfods, Year 5 Drama Show (Balgownie Public School) and I98fm singing talent contests.
  5. Finally Tia ensures she maintains her skills in performing not only in English but in Serbian as well. Vidovdan Akademija (Annual Serbian Orthodox Churches Language Schools Performances) was conducted in Serbian.

Teodora Avramovic Showreel from Teodora Avramovic on Vimeo.

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