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December 20, 2017


Writer and director Adrian Nugent was blessed to nab MATHIAS OLOFSSON, whose impressions of titular demon Twig were exactly what they were after. "Twig" is a horror short film about a young woman who enters a rundown old house to make a bargain with the creature that lives in the attic. Lucy is that young woman searching for her sister in a world full of literal monsters and demons. In this story, all the previous clues to her sisters whereabouts have led to Sticks Street, where a demon by the name of Twig hopefully has the answers she needs. Lucy is…
December 20, 2017

Heineken - 192 Bars

LUCKY LARTEY once agains lives up to his name - and immense dancing ability. He got to strut his stuff on the dance floor of an Ivy Rooftop Bar as Salsa Dancer, with an unenviable confidence. Revolver Films produced the TVC "Heineken - 192 Bars" in early December 2017.
December 20, 2017

ANZ - Bladepay

We expect this role to be harried, frazzled, upset… but instead he’s cool, calm and collected. That's AMRIK TUMBER to the tee, who scored Hero Male Waiter for "ANZ - Bladepay". Firdawes Adelpour also was involved as a customer (visual only). 'No problem. Got it all right here. The crazier the request, the more confident he seems to be - but possibly with a slightly raised eyebrow.'
December 14, 2017

Going Down

Our brilliant JENNY WU will star in Leticia Caceres’s "Going Down", which is a co-production between Malthouse Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company. "It's a brutally funny and frank examination of endearingly flawed characters failing at life in the most outrageous ways possible." Jenny will be portraying the vibrant and successful Lu Lu Jayadi, an Indonesian refugee, whose sudden appearance begins to cause turmoil for protagonist Natalie.  The 2018 dates for Malthouse Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company are: Sydney (19 March – 5 May 2018) Melbourne (7 May – 3 June 2018)
June 28, 2017


MOREBLESSING MATURURE stars in Opening Act Films’ post-apocalyptic short film "Risen", directed by Tony Radevski. She plays gang member Lean Teen. The film 'is about a day in the life of Sean and Lusi, as they try and survive in a city overcome by a new drug epidemic, while still maintaining their own moral code.'
June 28, 2017

Woolworths - Share the Spirit of Christmas

Check out UMA KALI SHAKTI who stars as Aunt in Woolworth’s annual Christmas campaign, titled "Share the Spirit of Christmas". Produced by Sweet Shops Films, the campaign aims at highlighting Australian families from all walks of life, sharing the magic of food and togetherness over the Christmas holidays.  
June 28, 2017


NOBUAKI SHIMAMOTO got to play hapless Shop Assistant caught up in a bungled IGA supermarket robbery, in the new Channel 7 crime re-enactment TV series "Manhunt". Real-life Brett Capper, aka Porsche Kid, is the instigator. JACK NGU played Second Shop Assistant during these same scenes.  
June 28, 2017

KFC - Zinger Taco

KFC - Zinger Taco We’re excited to see our PREMA SMITH bowl over for six in KFC’s "Zinger Taco" commercial. He stars as one of the cricket players who is salivating at the vista of two spectators in a makeshift hot tub enjoying 'finger-licking good' zinger tacos! SHOUMENDU SCHORNIKOW is also featured.  
June 28, 2017

Miss Saigon

We are thrilled to announce Pinoy extraordinaire RED CONCEPCION as flamboyant and sleazily likeable co-lead Engineer in the new Europe season of "Miss Saigon". Many reviews peg Red as the standout, and it's not hard to see why. Months of the hard yards has led to nabbing the role of his lifetime. Against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and the aftermath, the critically acclaimed Cameron Mackintosh production has been touring across UK since mid-2017. It has continued onto Ireland and Germany for the duration of 2017 or so. It will also commence its international tour in 2018.
June 28, 2017


Nekromancer A 2018 sci-fi horror feature film by the Roache-Turner brothers is sure to scare the average cinemagoer - with CAROLE SHARKEY-WATERS, NOBUAKI SHIMAMOTO & LOUISE LAMELLA in small parts. While the first two got to play ghost-like characters, Louise got to stand in as makeup body double for none other than Monica Bellucci! The plot of "Nekromancer" is descrbed as 'following a man who discovers that he is part of a secret sect of magical beings who hunt down and destroy demons in the internet.'
June 28, 2017

iFly - Be a Superhero

Every person dreams of taking to the skies and giddily flying without abandon. This happened to TEL BENJAMIN - who gets to make his dream come true in an indoor skydiving space! Hilarious, endearing, and perhaps zeitgeistic, have you got what it takes to "Be a Suphero?" If so, go to iFly Indoor Skydiving, in Penrith during school and summer holidays!
June 28, 2017


Congratulations to ABBEY AZIZ who landed the role of Hannan in the upcoming Australian-French feature film "Slam", which is expected for a 2018 release. It is 'the story of Ameena, a young Australian of Palestinian origin, who mysteriously disappears one night after her slam poetry performance. An Australian air force fighter is shot down over Syria and the pilot is captured by the Islamic State. The two unconnected events wreak havoc' but are somehow related... She has been filming late 2017 with acclaimed director Partho Sen-Gupta. Slam is funded by Screen Australia.
June 24, 2017

Service Awareness

MELINDA NASSIF, LAP NGUYEN, JOANNE LIANG and ELIANE MOREL got to feature in a voiceover/video shoot for Family Planning NSW. They lent their Mandarin, Vietnamese and Arabic speaking skills respectively, and shot in Fairfield. This was an internal health campaign aimed at Western Sydney clinics. Producer Stephanie Ross of Family Planning, whom with we worked closely in talent-sourcing, was happy with the results!  
June 15, 2017

Gilligan's Island

If anyone had to be stuck on an island, it couldn't happen to a nicer, more talented person than MOLLY FISHER to spend paradise with! She joins the cast of the 2018 Chapel off Chapel musical "Gilligan's Island" as Mary Ann, for the Feb 15-Mar 4 2018 season. Talk about bringing nostalgia back and reinventing the classic for an entirely new audience!    
9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. M - F
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