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simon2If Simone Neviani’s pin-up poster boy looks are anything to go by, it’s that still waters run deep. He made a fine, collaborative living as a model in Italy in calendars and underwear for “Hellboys” and “Eros Veneziani” respectively since 2013. Eventually he wanted to turn his dark and sensual appearance into acting so he decided to pursue a more substantial career when he relocated to Australia for more daring opportunities in an ethnically diverse society.

Since his 2015 arrival in Sydney, Simone has managed to nab a score of featured roles on beloved national TV shows such as legal dramas “Rake” and “Janet King” as well as more lighter fare like beachside “Home and Away” and love-seeking “First Dates”. Getting a taste of the Australian entertainment industry, he is also treating his experience in film and short films as invaluable, attentive lessons to his overall portfolio.

Simone’s studies with renowned Suzi Dougherty at Harry Jensen Centre in the first half of 2016 have seen leaps and bounds across his styles, including Grotowsky, Shakespeare, Stanislavski and Alexander Technique to name a few. He also has been developing mindfulness of his body and meditative breathing, which can only strengthen his portrayal – on screen and off screen.

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