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Shayan SalehianHSShayan Salehian is an actor, director and writer based in Melbourne. He has been acting for as long as he can remember. Other than featuring in many short films for Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), he threw his weight into the Hollywood blockbuster “The Water Diviner” directed by Russell Crowe. More significantly, he was upgraded to a major role in a feature film “Ali's Wedding”. The latter, due for release in 2017 is about inter-regional Middle Eastern arranged marriages, perseverance of real love and escalating white lies.

Originally from Iran, Shayan moved to Australia with his family in order to pursue his dreams as not only as an actor but also a director. Since then, he felt his way through many blackbox theatre shows and gained a confidence boost through acting classes for Foundation of Film and Television at VCA – both academically and ‘in the field’. In addition, he has gained an intellectual appreciation of both creative and technical processes through Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University such as how to hit one’s mark and how to light a room!

Shayan has embraced his love for controlled storytelling by writing and directing four short films of his own to date.

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