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Serena Del PreteHSwebEveryone who has worked with Serena Del Prete knows her by the moniker: ‘Earth animal’. She has a terrifyingly admirable reputation for throwing herself into any role and inhabiting it completely, connected to both the chaotically and sensuously psychological depths and the upward, ecstatic hopes of her character. At the same time, she believes in a holistic, naturalistic approach: in the evolution of a character’s journey which is occurring in tandem with her own development, in fits and starts, in surfaces and layers, but never within the straight lines.

Indeed, Serena has been always fascinated by art, beginning with ballet as a little girl. Eventually, her true passion for acting transported her to Naples at nineteen years of age so she decided to finish the University as soon as possible. She subsequently moved to Barcelona in order to study performing arts at “La Casona” Academy where she discovered her other passion: singing. There, she took baby steps in video clips, theatre, musicals and television but made wider, consecutive strides when she moved to Rome to experiment with new genres such as the ‘commedia dell'arte’.

Armed with interregional discipline and culturally evocative mannerisms, Serena returned to her beloved Spain with an Italian musical, to much success. Her sense of adventurous spirit and great, worldly curiosity took her to Australia in 2012, which has already paid off in wonderful dividends, as usual. She joined the Spanish Theatre Company of Melbourne, where she now identifies as an Italian actress, bringing to life Spanish texts in an arguably predominantly Anglo-centric culture of Australia, in addition to being a singer, dancer and circus artist. Thus, her work could be labeled as being without borders.


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