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Rik Stowman Head Shot 2014Rik Stowman is a dedicated actor, writer, singer/songwriter, musician and humanist. Trained in Stanislavski, Meisner, Method and Viewpoints, he has a deep love of the performing arts and considers them central to the human experience. He thrives best when he is tackling authentic and engaging work, owing his broad awareness of the world due to his parents of a multi-ethnic lineage.

Similarly Rik possesses a director’s deft and detailed eye for values-based theatre, particularly those which when placed within the legally complex If not larger context of indigenous history, can expose an individual’s tendency for both personal and systematic prejudices, flaws and interpretation of truth. Teaching his actors this very same sentiment, he therefore holds the arts as a vehicle, if not as a rustic impetus for moral change.

Based in Melbourne, Rik is a family man with a dash of the wanderlust and percipient eye for society’s fault lines. He believes in the fluidity and evolving journeyman’s process of discovery informing the true timbre of a performance-focused piece. All his works, particularly in his own plays and lyrics have tended to deal with man’s untapped potential to convert pain and robustness into those of beauty and immersive sources of strength and recovery.

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