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Rex RereHSAiming to be an accomplished actor and screenwriter, a study stint in the US beckoned for Rex Rere. Quitting his 9 to 5 job at the time he headed off to LA, enrolling in acting lessons with Lorry Hull in a classroom environment and private acting lessons with Diane Hull. Both Lorry and Diane Hull had been tutored by Lee Strasberg. This approach was taken in an effort to understand how best to develop meaningful characters from both an actor and screenwriter’s perspective.

‘Great actors and screen writers as part of their research to character interpretation and building, have the innate ability to strip down the flesh of the characters to bare bones and rebuild it again adding their own emotional and physical content, nuances and voice.’ This was an approach that made sense to Rex and which he completely understood and found it to be rewarding for his professional development.

After LA, Rex moved onto New York for further studies at the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. His time spent there gave him a top-shelf artistic education, further confirming that he should definitely pursue a career in acting and screen writing respectively.   

Patient, self-disciplined, determined and mentally fortified, Rex believes that once proper training is achieved—which is method acting—it remains an evolving gift for a lifetime. It simply dissolves and permeates into everyday living activities thus becoming a perpetual artistic working tool 24/7.

In the future, Rex plans to expand his career to being as a movie director and producer.

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