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Raphael MoubarakFresh from high school at the age of 18, Raphael Moubarak is a multi-linguistic actor and musical theatre singer. Already he has shown early signs of leadership potential with goal-oriented and task-focused capabilities. Yet he is equally capable of being an organised and highly motivated team player that is very easy to direct. With a tendency to ask all the right questions and take all advice on board, he has a well-presented, friendly, cheerful and relatable nature with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

By establishing an immediate rapport with the audience and resourceful with the scenery, it is clear that he is suited to the stage. Raphael has tolled his time being noticed or winning talent quests with his soothing, honeyed and declarative voice but is also serious and laser-focused on his long-term prospects. In other words, he is a crooner. Proud of his biracial heritage, he can adapt to the use of European languages due to his background in Latin-based classes.

As a ‘master of disguises’ with a captivating demeanour, Raphael will flourish exceptionally and create a successful, self-sufficient and long career under the development and support of “interCulture”.

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