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Raoul Craemer GDPhoto 4 2Raoul Craemer trained as an actor at the Arts Educational Schools in London on a UK Dance and Drama Award. In addition to English, Raoul speaks fluent German as well as passable Hindi, having been born and brought up in Bonn – then West Germany – and India, where he spent five impressionable years as a teenager. He found India and Germany to be two extremely different yet altogether exhilarating cultures, and with true Eurasian vigour took great pride in integrating the best of both worlds. Having graduated from St Stephen’s College in Delhi, Raoul went on to study economics at Oxford University and an early career as an economist.

Raoul discovered his affinity for acting by accident, attending drama classes aimed at settling his nerves and improving his public speaking. Acting quickly moved beyond therapy-of-sorts to a true discovery of the joy of transformation – being able to experience extremes of emotion that one rarely gets to reach in daily life. Little would Raoul have suspected, however, that only ten years later he would have over 25 professional productions to his name and receive the peer-rated Equity MEAA Green Room Award as Professional Performer of the Year in the ACT.

His material has ranged from plays aimed at children and comedic pieces to historical and political, as well as allegorical, classical and scientific pieces. Gentle and unassuming with everyman appeal, he is another beast on stage that occasionally courts controversy – for all the right reasons. Raoul is also a presenter and writer and believes in the synergetic process.

After more than a decade in the UK he moved to Australia at the end of 2003 with his partner Emily and their first daughter Leila. Raoul lives in Canberra with his family, which now includes a second daughter Tara who was born in 2005. In his spare time, he plays doting father!

Website: http://raoulcraemer.com/

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