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Prema Smith 42 of 65lowresBorn in the tropical isle of Sri Lanka, Prema Smith was adopted by an Australian family at a young age. Growing up in Tasmania, he was introduced to a variety of people from many creeds and cultures. This would bolster his development as an assertive yet emphatic character throughout life.

Initially pursuing grassroots businesses, Prema became the proud owner of a restaurant at age 20 and started his own landscaping company at 22. During his time as a propriety business owner, he often hired individuals with mental disabilities in an attempt to provide them a life free from prejudice while vicariously attaining a deeper understanding of the human condition.

With over a decade of frontline customer service and hospitality experience, Prema has developed a natural aptitude for adaptability as well as a polished work ethic. Whether it be intimate corporate dinners, exclusive lunch events or even Mercedes fashion week, he will host each event with the finesse and charisma synonymous with the best in the industry.

To further broaden his repertoire, Prema moved to Sydney to pursue a career in both music and acting. Having received his further education at The Actors Pulse in study of the Sanford Meisner Technique, he was cast in a supporting role in the feature film “Bad Day In Belgrade” (2014) and in that same year claimed a supporting role in the play “The Couplet of Bengal”. He has also released 5 singles and clinched a role in a web series.

Using an experiential knowledge in phonics, Prema is able to understand and execute a variety of accents and acting ranges which stands as a testament to his versatile quality as performer, songwriter, presenter and actor juggernaut.

Indeed there’s no stopping the success-hungry Prema when he has his mind set on gradually building his career in an empowering, spiritually aware, entrepreneurial and for-the-people way. By 2017 he aspires to be the number one Pop/RnB artist in Australia.

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