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Phillip JohnPhilip John has an artistic desire to create meaningful and sometimes offbeat messages through music, film and photography, showcasing the best of human nature. He also likes to make a point of familial and cultural unity even in the face of dysfunction and discord. He left a career in corporate marketing for the reason of his love for storytelling with the aforementioned mediums. He has always nurtured a passion for working in front of and behind the camera, from directing to editing to music composition.

Philip is a musician who is best known in the India Bollywood market for his number one hit “Q Funk” from an album called “Oorja” with a recording label Magnasound during mid to late 90's under the duo name Phil and Jerry. He also composed jingles for a string of local commercials under BPL/Real Image and individual tracks for Chase Records and Pyramid Audio, as well as Indian movies, which can still be heard today.

Since coming to Sydney, this all-rounded performer has been undertaking acting classes, shooting music videos and shorts, and starring in ‘black box’ theatre for Short+Sweet. He made his debut with a large-scale ensemble production of “August Osage County” in 2013. Philip was in a Guy Ritchie-esque feature about three mobility-impaired employees who decide to rob their own bank called “Scratch of the Surface”. In this manner, he dispenses a flair for genre-bending, dry comedy and crime mixed with transcultural friction.

Tiger Cub Media Productions is Philip’s personal venture into the film and media world. He set this up to collaborate with other creatives to push the boundaries and forge new perspectives. Tiger Cub Media’s three main areas of focus are film, music and photography. Engaging, active and entrepreneurial with highly developed people skills, he shows this finesse through directing and collaboration with his cast and crew. Similarly, he does his best work in post-production at his very own state-of-the-art studio facilities.

‘To write a story that moves the heart, to film the scene that creates an emotion, and to leave a legacy that everything we make is done with resolve and determination.’

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