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Paulo Valentim HS2013Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Paulo Valentim had been infatuated with theatre for as long as he could remember. When he turned 9, he enroled into amateur theatre groups, attended festivals in state theatre before going to Wolf Maya Acting School to study performing arts at the age of 18. At this school, he sat through 3 years of lectures, standard theatrical practices and close analysis of soap opera scene recordings and film language. In addition, 6 months of dance classes, musical techniques and TVCs were central to his growing skill-set.

At the same time Paulo started working for Satyros, an experimental and alternative theatre company. It was one of the first companies in the city where these ‘alternatives’ had produced an original show "Roberto Zucco" (2011) written by Frances Bernad Marrie Coutes. He was involved as an assembly member. He was also able to work with the most influential of directors in Brazil, such as Marco Antonio Braz in the spectacle "Full Steam Ahead" and Jair Assumpcao in two of his spectacles "Ordinary Stories" and "A Drop of Bitterness ". The latter is a tragedy inspired by Paul Bridges’ “The Medea of Euripides”. They were all classic and mythical in places, yet daring, cutting edge and neo-traditional texts of Brazilian theatre.

After 2 years of trying to enter the main theatre research centre in Brazil, persistence finally paid off when historical stage director Antunes Fiho took the young thespian on. He participated in two shows " Stations " (2013) where they had authorship of texts and direction of the scenes and "Marguerite Duras" which offered a French intensive study into one of the greatest writers and film director of all time.

Paulo performed in a main Antunes production, adapting from the Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" classic. It received the award for Best Show and Best Direction in São Paulo. He also featured in advertisements for "Mastercard Show Pass " and “Subway” and numerous others , as well as short films in his hometown.

Now he has come to Australia – an entirely different beast – since mid-2013, with the same mindset of resolve, commitment and sumptuous-lover sensibilities to make it big, if not bigger than back in his country.

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