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Nicholas Foustellis 059Nicholas Foustellis is a graduate of AADA, having completed B.A. Performance in 2012. Michel’s Patisserie sponsored him to be an on-air spokesperson and barista for the Channel 7 breakfast flagship program “Sunrise where celebrity guests like Guy Pearce, the Wayan Brothers and of course the Sunrise team got to taste his amazing coffee. He was chosen for being able to marry hospitality and spruiking with an amusing flair for showmanship with the Milk Cow mascot! Despite being contracted for 12 months, people sometimes still spot him on the streets!

While Nicholas is happily grounded, fairly traditional and modest, his sweeping, lustrous mane would give the romance novel cover model Fabio Lanzoni a run for his money! He tends to attract outlandish and philosophical to straightforward and fresh roles in AADA’s productions like “The Tempest” (2012) and “The Skriker” (2011) as well as informative voice-overs for Eastside Radio.

An obstinate, self-disciplined believer in creating and appreciating one’s own success by virtue of hard work, patience and kindness, Nicholas’ values resonate with vital industry professionals, mentors and peers. Similarly, he learns as much behind the scenes as stage manager notably for “Howie the Rookie” (2014) and in 2015, “Masterclass”, “Freak Winds” and “The House of Ramon Iglesia” all for Old Fitz Theatre. He owes his family’s love and generosity for food, inclusive friendship, community and the theatrics to starting his major passion in the arts/entertainment industry, which continues to this day.

Whatever platform Nicholas chooses, he is always developing and refining his craft/technique with the goal of being not only a great actor and performer but also a resilient, pragmatic and indelibly surprising one. He forecasts the bigger picture in the interests of emotional unity, stressing the importance and alignment of likeminded solidarity, guidance and common ground.

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