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NBVaucluse 7973Natascia Berardi is a young Italian-born dancer, choreographer, instructor and actor who graduated in 2008 from Academy Stresa in Italy with commendable coursework in dance, acting, and theatre studies. Since then she has lent her talents as visual merchandiser, dancer, choreographer and producer to houses of “Versace” and “Guess” in Milan. For those events, she excelled in customer ‘meet ‘n’ greet’ service.

Since arriving in Australia and living in the most celebrated beach-side town of Bondi, Natascia has steadily been supplanting her skill set, featuring in fashion shows, various event promotions, presentations and performances in Sydney. Having previously graduated with high distinctions in architecture and décor from State Institute of Art in Italy, she has sculpted an overall sophisticated and trendy worldview into her art.

Natascia is an accomplished personal instructor with several years of experience in the fitness industry. Having worked as a professional dancer for most of her life, she is highly motivated and has first class experience in performing and teaching people of all ages and competency levels, from young beginners (around the age of five) to more professional dancers a variety of styles include hip-hop, modern jazz, ballet, drum dance, contemporary, lyrical and others. She posses a unique understanding of different strength and conditioning techniques, with a proven ability to develop and implement advanced training methods and programs.

Natascia is a hardworking, passionate and respected teacher of young children. As a leader of creative teams, fitness studios and acrobatic troupes, she possesses great people skills coupled with an eagerness and literal flexibility to adapt to any job. She lists the following traits as uncomplicatedly definitive of her magnum opus: attentive, motivated, reliable, organised, inspiring, honest, energetic and with a good, unaffected attitude.

Overall, she is looking to further develop her fitness, health and choreographic portfolio in not only helping people meet their personal goals and achieve general well being but also in the entertainment industry in any field.

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