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Molyka5Molyka Bin worked in the “Loy9” production team between 2011and 2013 as TV Assistant Producer. “Loy9” was the name of a multimedia project implemented by BBC Media Action (an international development charity) and funded by UNDP and Sweden. She worked closely with the TV Producers, Directors and Head of TV to produce TV outputs (drama, magazine, events, public service announcements, promos, web content and reportage). She helped to successfully spearhead an entertaining and inspiring mass media campaign on TV, radio, online and print, that any young Cambodian could take a part in. Her project used those outputs to provide civic education and community service activities to young people in a hometown as rustic, endurable and spiritually rich as hers.

Molyka’s duties included generating concepts, developing scripts, filming and editing, budgeting and planning. She provided creative, technical and logistical support at all stages of production and performed as cameraperson, sound operator, production manager and editor. In addition, she translated scripts and relevant documents in both Khmer and English, and provided advice and insight on topical matters pertaining to Cambodian youth lifestyle, camaraderie, attitudes and behavior as well as sociopolitical issues.

Molyka used highly organisational and in-depth capacity in research, feature news reporting, scriptwriting and interviewing to produce “Recaptured”, “It Burned Me”, “Disaster Risk Reduction” and “Landmine Victims” about acid attacks, Khmer Rouge and landmine dangers. She worked with an independent researcher to find and analyse information, translate languages and to engage Khmer Rouge soldiers with the project. She received many laudits for her efforts.

Overall, Molyka was responsible for maintaining the team spirit and liaising with third party vendors, production companies, individuals, actors and contributors so as to change the ‘mediascape’ of her country. Now, with an eye on the bigger picture, she hopes to convert her time-honoured and team-orientated vision towards acting


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