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Lucky HeadyShotLucky Lartey (aka Patrick) is one of Australia’s most dynamic West African performers and is well known for his versatile and high-energy dance style. Since March 2011 Lucky has taken with him this sense of African culture to Australia, wowing audiences and inspiring dance students ever since with his traditional West African Dance, Afro Contemporary and fusion choreography.

As an accomplished and kinetic African dancer in Ghana and Australia, he has more than 15 years of training in Traditional African dance, Afro Contemporary, salsa and gumboot dancing. Lucky brings visually charged sensibilities – togetherness and unity – into his performances with countless dance and music groups from Ghana and other regions, with plenty of stamina and resilience to spare.

Lucky is a sought-after choreographer having created a number of contemporary African dance routines for Ghanaian dance ensembles including the Salaka Ensemble, Susuma and Riclils Entertainment. His knowledge of dance incorporates routines from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa and other parts of Africa, which are all as daringly different as one another

Primarily, “Unique Afro” is Lucky’s Ghana-based group. Throughout 2010, he developed a number of choreographies for Unique Afro to perform on the Ghanaian reality TV show “Boogie Down” (Ghana’s version of “So You Think You Can Dance”) as guest performers for the whole season.

Whilst Lucky’s skill-set may be fun, carefree and vibrant with an emphasis on exercise and holistic health, it also attaches a humanitarian and historical edge, which is a commentary on war, cultural tolerance, displacement and healing. In 2012 he mentored young Africans aged 10-20 in the Sydney-based “Dancing in Harmony Project”. A community development initiative of the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), the project brings together these Africans from refugee backgrounds to train in Traditional African and Afro Contemporary dance.

Lucky founded “Lucky African Dance” in May 2011, quickly becoming the leading tour-de-force teacher in both traditional and contemporary African dance and fusion styles to students of all ages and abilities across Sydney and Australia. His ambition is to bring people together, creating understanding across all cultures by sharing the beauty and natural power of African music, percussion and dance.

In short, he mimics and channels the daily life, customs, animalism and natural phenomena of African people. Therefore his philosophy is simple but passionate: dance with feeling and connect to the beauty and spirit of African dance.

Indeed, Lucky is living up to his namesake that he’s been stuck with since birth.


Jamestown Collective from Lucky lartey on Vimeo.

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