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Meet Australia’s very own Von Trapp family—naturally taught at home!

Lucca B. has a powerful and tuneful voice, and seems to have picked up the skills of his sisters, Cassidy and Alexis Bonnor. He made the last round of auditions for the recent Australian Tour of “Les Miserables” for the role of Gavroche. His sister Cassidy was cast as young Eponine, so he is not too far behind in the footsteps!

A polished cut of a personality above the pack, he has danced steadily for the last few years as part of his committed but fun theatre training. He also takes his instructors seriously and is an enthusiastic, confident participant in all performing arts opportunities, no matter how big or small.


Like his other brothers and sisters, Arden B. is a budding performer who is keen to stand out from the organised chaos of home, having already taken dance lessons for two years. He also has a tuneful and strong voice, which continues to improve in leaps and bounds thanks to his ability to listen, adjust and take direction well.

While Arden looks up to his older siblings, he will emerge as a trailblazer in his own right. Overall, both the boys and their sisters are a stronger and formidable force on stage, not a step out of tune—they definitely like to make a lasting, delightful impression on the audiences, letting their talents swing in rhythm and ring out for themselves!

Most of all, under their supportive and gently encouraging parents, these Bonnor individuals know that they were born to do what they love: ‘If it feels good and if it makes people happy, do it!’

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