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Louse LamellaHSA lifelong passion for acting and the arts was ignited when Louise’s father took her for a trip to see the classic musical “The Phantom of the Opera” as a child. She is an actor with 14 years of experience spanning across theatre, film and television. In 2011, she completed a Bachelor of Dramatic Art at Sydney’s Excelsia College majoring in performance and also attained a Diploma of Theatre Performance from Sydney Theatre School.

Louise is trained in various techniques for stage & screen including: Stanislavski, Meisner, Alexander, Laban, Greek Theatre, Commedia Dell’Arte, Clowning, Shakespeare, Voice (Cicely Berry), Viewpoints and Suzuki.

Her passion for acting has been fueled by her motto that determination plus hard work and perseverance equals success.

Known for her versatility, emotional depth and breadth in playing a variety of roles, Louise’s passion for acting is underpinned by her belief that it is one of the most beautiful crafts to ever underpin human nature as well as a powerful social construct that attempts to make sense of the world.

‘We can see our stories played out on stage or screen and it’s powerful enough to change us. Apart from entertainment, the unique art form holds up a mirror to our humanity be it ugly, interesting, horrific, exciting, vivid, disturbing, moral or crazy. It tells us the truth about our history, present and can teach us perhaps, how to make more informed choices for our future. Through the exploration of human behavior, we are forced to look at ourselves and ask questions. We see what makes us tick and connects us.

Louise’s philosophy is simple: ‘Never give up and live life to the absolute full, enjoy every moment because you never know when it all can change or all you have is taken away!’

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