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Lidia OnufreiLidia Onufrei, born to a large family of 12, has always wanted to stand out above the rest from a young age. An exceptionally tactile, observant, patient, independent and committed professional, she is constantly and intuitively seeking to learn and improve her craft. She has a worldly instinct and advanced understanding for understated yet nuanced technique and how acting is one of the few crafts to be able to inform, convey and engage her audience with quality storytelling, particularly when it comes to certain preconceived notions of race, popular psychology and culture.

Her time in Bollywood India, Jakarta and LA has opened her eyes to the cross-cultural divide and workforce expectations brought by skewed media commentary, word-of-mouth and xenophobic bias. Lidia believes that Australia has yet to truly immerse itself in all aspects of diversity and minorities, while at the same time adopting a long-term view that nothing comes easy and that there is neither instant gratification nor spoiled victory: just pure transparency, generosity and fairness.

As actor, presenter and model, Lidia has become a practitioner of muscle memory and a very good listener to inestimable industry advice. She has starred in shorts “Infinite Sunshine Salad” (2014) and “SOCIO” (2013) for Tropfest; “Someone’s Daughter” (2014) as the lead; found “Christmas Turkey” (2014) and “Cowboy Mouth” (2013) extremely rewarding in theatre, and was thrilled to be involved with Bollywood productions “Mr & Mrs Khan” and the 2013 sellout “Temptation Reloaded” headlining Shah Rukh Khan for Parramasala. Indeed, she has always been empathetic, articulate and eager about bringing the world to Australian shores.

For Lidia, training does not end at drama school, but is a lifelong journey of attractive energy, growth and mastery. She feels fortunate and grateful to be a part of the wonder, brilliance and magic that is this craft, which attracts so many passionate, artistic and driven like-minded mentors, associates and peers. Through acting, she has a lot to say and give.

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