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Kiara NicksonHSKiara Nickson is a well-rounded performer who has grown up in the performing arts world. As soon as she could walk, she has nurtured a strong love and passion for both acting and dance. Her pure dedication and determination as well as a bright personality are what make her stand out from the crowd.

Kiara has unrivalled experience in both stage and screen performing, and skilled in a vast number of dance styles in addition to modelling, acrobatics, and choreographing. She has worked hard to be recognised for her enviable contributions to the entertainment industry, having gained many achievements and awards during her young career. She has been accepted into many different dance programs including Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance, despite being the youngest at the audition. Industry professionals have praised her technically flawless talent in statewide and national competitions.

Kiara will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams since is always passionate and fully dedicated to anything that she puts her mind to. As someone who is always willing to learn new things and further herself in every way she can, she is a very quick learner and happy to take on any challenge.

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