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Kento TagoAlthough at first glance Kento Tago’s portfolio may seem sparse and even lacking in hard knocks, this Japanese-born beginner has a very appealing and patient attitude that has endeared himself to “iCCAM”. For one thing, his willingness to work and adaptability to the ephemeral rigours and ‘luck and success-based’ philosophy of the entertainment industry has already set him apart from other young upstarts. For another, he has both a sharp intellect in social sciences and a sharp hand in fencing, which makes him a worthy adversary in any argument!

Kento’s first ever drama class was on the actual set of “Puberty Blues”, which he viewed as a baptism by fire. Having been brought up in a single-parent household, he had to learn to adapt to unforeseeable circumstances and therefore mature more quickly than most of his peers. He fenced between 2012-2014, progressing to advanced levels but stresses that it is not like in the action movies! The sport taught him how to live in the moment and the importance of repetition to perfection. Similarly in rifle shooting, he emphasises the importance of meditation, learning to focus on one’s breath, be patient and pay attention to detail.

Most importantly, Kento understands that it isn’t simply enough to get a taste for the camera, one must have discipline, longevity and of course a tough skin. Since arrival from his homeland in 2001, he has noticed this battler’s approach among his Australian peers and so this has spurred him onto more lofty heights wherever they take him. Just don’t expect him to be on the wrong end of a rifle’s barrel!

Kento’s career goal is summed up as: ‘To learn a broad range of knowledge and skills in a diverse world’

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