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Jrisi Jusakos Head Shot 2013Jrisi Jusakos is one of Australia’s most recognised and influential oriental dance artists. With extensive experience in cross cultural and traditional dance forms, she has carved out a unique style that is both captivating and recognisable. She is the artistic director and creator of Hathor Dance Theatre, a sought-after master teacher, performer, producer, choreographer and international sponsor.

Separating her from other performers, Jrisi is also one of the only professional oriental dancers in Australia to hold a Bachelor of Dance from UWS, majoring in choreography. She trained extensively in Western dance styles like contemporary, jazz and ballet, fusing this experience with Oriental, Flamenco, Latin and Classical Indian movement styles, which makes her one of the most experienced and sought-after artists on offer. She’s an award-winning dancer receiving 3 choreographic dance commissions in Contemporary/Oriental Fusion works.

Jrisi’s belly dance career spans 25 years; in that time she has flown around the world developing, training and researching the dance with master teachers. She is one of Australia’s first belly dance artists to obtain an Australian Council for the Arts dance grant for professional development in both Oriental and Western Dance forms in USA, Egypt, Lebanon and Germany. Her primary mentors throughout many years have been Dr Mo Geddawi, Mahmoud Reda, Mdme Raqia Hassan and Yousry Sharif.

Most recently Jrisi has invested in international sponsorship to bring master teachers to Australian. Giving opportunities for Australian dancers to further develop and experience different techniques and performance skills. She has sponsored international guests such as Jillina, Bozenka, Tamlyn Dalala, Hadia, Kaeshi Chai.

She has also produced ground breaking International Bellydance Theatre shows such as Bellydance Evolution’s “Dark Side of the Crown” and Bellyqueen’s “Journey Along the Silk Road” (Sydney Tour). This adds up to 25 theatre shows that she has produced since 2001.

Adding to her range of experience Jrisi had the opportunity to work closely with talented Arabic Musicians for the last 15 years and has produced 3 training DVDs which feature original compositions and have sold worldwide. She has taught in Singapore and toured 3 cities in Japan for workshops and performances.

As a versatile dancer, Jrisi is invited as featured artists in 3 live music ensembles such as Davood Trabizi and the Far Seas, Flamenco Red and Masha’s Legacy which have composed an original piece written especially for her, titled “Safe Haven”

Jrisi is a passionate instructor and performer who has devoted her life to the art of Oriental dance and hopes to continue to raise the profile of this beautiful art with mainstream audiences.

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