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JipPanasot1Jip Panasot is a self-proclaimed lover of life in entertainment or to be more specifically—a perfect, diamond, self-assured expression of life and its value across acting, presenting, modelling, music or even martial arts. Even more so she is ever eager to explore and expand her potential and its continual reaffirmations in the eclectic and transparent variety of the characters that she plays.

After spending much of her childhood in USA since the age of 6, Jip unsurprisingly slipped into a natural accent.

She traveled the world to pick up some of the languages including German, French and Portuguese as well as kicking arse and taking names in all tremendous manners of fighting such as Silat, Savate, Taekwondo, Kali and Muay Thai to name a few. She eventually settled down in Australia right at the turn of the millennium.

Action acting is a passion especially for Jip—the ultimate poster child of combat and performing arts. The former has placed her in exceptional steed for lethal fight choreography and film stunts including competency in swords(wo)manship.

Of course, she has a more artistic or ‘softer side’.  From horse riding and fire twirling pursuits and intuitive grasp of Thai instruments such as a xylophone, flute and dulcimer to traditional classical dance, Eurythmy and capoeira, she is a welcome presence on stage that can incorporate two or more disparate elements together into one engrossingly paradoxical performance—as long as you remember who will always win in a fight!

Overall, being an insanely motivated and quick learner, Jip often seeks diversely dynamic and experimental challenges all in the name of exciting adventures and endless possibilities ahead.

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