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Jennifer Lu Headshot 2Jennifer Lu is an all-round, sporty, upbeat and brilliantly passionate actor, singer and model who believes in absolute integrity of storytelling through the honoring of great writing. Hailing from Canberra, ACT, she developed a steadfast work ethic from a young age, with the view to meet and surmount professional challenges in any vocation that she chooses. She possesses the technique to immerse herself in any platform whether it be theatre, film, TV or music industry. She is able to take excellent direction whilst always willing to take risks and test one’s mettle demanding highly of oneself and scrupulously transform her mind and physique into any character.

Most recently, Jenny was honored to be part of Season 2 of ABC’s miniseries “The Code” working alongside Australian screen legend Anthony LaPaglia and director Shawn Seet. She found the set to be an engrossing experience and got to watch the fine intensity and technique of a veteran cast and crew.

Exhaustively taught by world-famous institutions AIM, ANU and NIDA in theatrical and voice training as well as dance, Jennifer remembers vocal coaches, tutors and directors as paramount to her education. By looking up to these mentors, she considers her long-term relationships with them as conducive to the most solid and eclectic building blocks of a career.

Jennifer’s ultimate aspiration is to be a sensitive, powerhouse artist who can hit the high notes, equal the likes of Jennifer Murphy, Louise Page, and Anthony LaPaglia acting organically against the very best.

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