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James WongHSOriginally from West Australia, James Wong was born in a household full of accomplished martial arts practitioners and circus artists. For this reason, he has a storied passion for conveying layered drama through acting, martial arts and modelling. After graduating from Perth Film School, he headed to the Eastern States, where he thought he would push his luck in Sydney. Coming from a mixed Asian Australian background and being able to adapt to any accent, he has a diverse knowledge of cultural idiosyncrasies and can bring their tensions into his performances.

As a lifelong and impressively quick-learning martial artist, choreographer, manager and instructor James has intuited a wide range of dynamic and energetic action poses. Since the age of 6, he has performed yearly at the family-owned Wong's Academy of Chinese Martial Arts annual dinners, Kung Fu and Tai Chi demonstrations, public events, university balls and professional association functions. In total, as choreographer and performer he has notched over 12 theatrical fighting performances between 1995 and 2015. He has also been drummer/conductor to many of the Chinese Lion dance in private and public gigs between 1995 and 2014.

James also trained in the AMEB classical musicianship and sang with Collegium Symphonic Chorus, a premier large-scale choir. He played first violin as part of the orchestra during primary and high school for yearly performances and competitions. He won a scholarship for Churchlands Senior High School, premier WA music school in 1990.

Likewise as a model, James’ portfolio showcases a self-possessive flair across the genres of glamour, fashion, corporate, wedding, comic and Asian hip/cult styles.

Now firmly entrenched in the new adventures of Sydney, James is adding another feather to his cap in acting. Having been inspired by the intricate, visual power of storytelling through film, he is eager and dedicated to developing himself as an actor.

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