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JackGodden8awebJack Godden (then John Goddin) was a stalwart in the late 70’s and throughout 80’s, starring in numerous hit movies, notably “Kokoda Crescent” (1989) about police corruption and drugs; an ‘Ozploitation’ piece “Vicious” (1988); “The Empty Beach” with Bryan Brown (1985); both “Crime of the Decade” with John Jarratt and “Fast Talking” with Steve Bisley in the same year of 1984, and “Midnite Spares” about car thieves (1983).

In addition, Jack cut his teeth in children’s entertainment for ABC as well as the long-running urban soap opera “E Street” (1986) with Alyssa-Jane Cook and Marcus Graham; superb legal drama “Rafferty’s Rules” (1987) set in a local magistrate court with John Wood and Andrew McFarlane, and “Sons & Daughters” chronicling class-based family relationships with Peter Phelps.

Despite the trappings of showbiz and venturing briefly to work with director/actor Hugh Keays-Byrne (of “Mad Max” fame) in 1994, Jack took a long break to raise his family and lead a fairly sedate life. In recent years, he has now been able to realise his comeback into the world of acting, and to reinvent himself in a rather subdued fashion as long as he is attracting interesting and relevant material once more. For his efforts, he was reunited with director Jane Campion (whom he worked on “A Girl’s Own Story”) for “Top of the Lake 2” in 2016 on the small screen.

Brimming with hidden, gritty, darkly gifted depths, Jack may be a little rough around the edges but is also generous and softhearted to a fault.

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