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G Lloyd Headshot 1Blessed with a potent mix of Mediterranean and European ancestry, Georgina Lloyd is not only a talented emerging artist, but also a captivating burlesque performer. She is very much a juggler for the camera: she can straddle worlds between bubbly, showbiz transparency, timeless, old-world classicalism, the ‘good twin and evil twin’ archetype with a slightly twisted, ambivalent foible and the domestic goddess but imperfect mother/girlfriend.

With the help of experimental director Matt Burgess, the lead actress has called forth gothic, haunting, Lynch-like facets of her psychosexual bravery, cross-cultural enigma and multi-disciplinary vivacity in “Hysteria” (2008), “Facets” (2009) and “Cherry” (2009). Equally at ease on stage, she has reinvigorated Oscar Wilde’s satirical and timeless commentary on politics, morals, love, honour and scandal in “An Ideal Husband” as well as chewing up the scenery with art, rigour and imagination in “Passion on the Prairie” (2011). While Georgina might look like a belle of the ball who’s stepped back into period times, it takes all sides to polish a diamond as they say.

But that’s not where her talent ends. Thanks to illustrious training for Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Western Sydney Institute of Music and Fantastiques Performing Arts Academy, in the last 15 years Georgina has shone in jazz, cabaret, musical theatre, belly and flamenco in addition to world, which comes from her interestingly ambiguous heritage. She is as resourceful as in sport and martial arts: a glance at her skills shows that you may fear for your life on the field!

Indeed if there was one word to capture this Australian-born actor, dancer and singer – or the triple threat as they call it – it would be ‘effervescent.’ And the lights agree with her as well.

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