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Firdaws Adelpour 452496A citizen of the world performer, Firdaws Adelpour is proficiently multi-lingual in Russian, Turkish, Dari, Iranian and Tajik and Farsi, not to mention variations of British, American, Middle Eastern and Asian accents. With his Central Asian heritage, he has a pick-me-up talent in these languages, showing respect and knowledge for each culture that he comes into contact with, including Australia’s.

While Firdaws has a scientific background in microbiology, his intelligence doesn’t end there. As a natural athlete with good hand-to-eye coordination, Firdaws tends to engage in very physical and active fitness, being able to play almost any sport. On stage it has translated into an excitedly developed sense of his work ethic, being adaptable to the demands and rigors of any given skill-set, and staging direction.

He has been trained in the revolutionary biomechanics of Meyerhold Technique, drawing attention to his symbolically aggressive and seminal acrobatics. Resulting in heightened reflexive dexterity through working with partners and physical objects, and increased awareness and nimble agility in ensemble work, Firdaws has achieved the ‘arming’ of his imagination, in a famous phrase originated by Igor Ilyinksy, a Meyerhold student. Indeed he can play a suave and ingenuous lothario as much as a rugged and endurable warrior.

A recent graduate from ACTT appearing in theatrical highlights such as “Two Noble Kinsmen”, “Angels in America”, “Death & the Maiden” and “Miss Julie” as well as a feature film “Two Brothers and a Girl”, Firdaws is logical, focused, grounded, expressive and thoughtful. He can take direction and has an ambiguous look that suggests a range of different ethnicities, reading like a laundry list of Venezuelan, Mexican, Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese as well as Latin American, Hawaiian or even Japanese and ‘half-Asian’!

As the face of “Manesia”, Firdaws made national circulation on the front page of MX – the only daily commuter newspaper in Australia (which attracts up to 663,000 people daily). He is also featured in TV promotions. Not bad for someone who can speak six languages and dissect microscopic organisms!

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