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Ezel Doruk 412077Ezel Doruk is one of the hardest-working and most consistent actors today to come out of Melbourne. While he has been a dramaturgy for roughly ten years predominately on stage, his ambition is to move further into the TV and film world. He made his substantial debut on national television, on Channel 9’s historical drama miniseries “Gallipoli” playing Adnan Cevik, a young Turkish lieutenant who serves as a foil to the captain of the Turkish army, Kemal Ataturk.

Ezel received critical recognition on AtticErratic's “Tripped”, a double hander black comedy about race relations in Australia and how self-preservation and preconceived prejudices can actually cost you your life. ‘Moving… Charismatic… Really shines… Emotive and Raw… Is of interest… With equally impressive finesse’ summarised his performance. Premiered in both Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals (2014 and 2015) with much acclaim, it is starting to have a life of its own and he plans to take it much further.

He covered similar ground in 2012’s “UnAustralia” based on the Cronulla riots. He also lends his flair for naturalism to an Ibsen classic “John Gabriel Borkman” (2013), in an uncompromising yet poetic gender-bender of a role typically assigned to that of a woman’s (due to sharing the same vocal depth as Nordic women), as well as provocative, exploratory liberation versus conventional sexuality in “Tell Them That it Rained Too Hard” (2011) with AtticErratic.

It’s clear that early training in Suzuki Method, in Meisner, Adler as well as Laban movement analysis and Ruth Zaporah action theatre has prepared Ezel for brooding sensitivity, physicality and identification with any subject matter. Ezel has had extensive voice training during his years at the Victoria Youth Theatre (VYT). While he can boast a lucid baritone voice, he has really developed the fact through use and practice rather than training.

Ezel is a man who will keep his saucers spinning in the air, but as he falls deeper and deeper into this crazy industry, he understands too well that he may be bound to drop one or two along the way. Being of fashion-model, Turkish extraction, he prefers to believe in iCCAM’s focus and energy and in the ability to chip away at limited realities, while creating new pathways readily available to him and growing from truthful feedback at the same time.

Website: http://ezeldoruk.com/

Ezel Doruk showreel 2016 from Ezel Doruk on Vimeo.

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