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Daniel ChungHSTrained in Contemporary Acting, Davion Chung had recorded voiceovers for a major Bollywood film and appeared in numerous principal roles for Australian web series, the most notable one being “Love Ya Not So Much”. As an aspiring screen actor, he got a rather auspicious opportunity asplaying an extra in executive producer Ridley Scott’s dystopian alternative history web TV series “Man in The High Castle”.

With the foundation of improv, Davion took it a step further by attending screen courses at University of Washington. Despite a series of unfortunate events and a rough upbringing slowly threatening to bury his dreams, a glimpse of his childhood dream shown during his darkest hour pulled him back from the void. He had realised that in order to reclaim his life, he would have to do what most people would not do.

Such immeasurable education would also give Davion confidence to fly across the world, to Asia but also to India: the one place that scared him the most. It was the start of a journey that would have him experiencing the depths of the human condition as well as the heights of modern humanity. Diving deep into the spiritual ravines in the Himalayas and exploring technological marvels in Japan, he knew he was on the right path. With everything on the line and enough money squirreled away, he followed his gut and flew to Sydney. He would discover open courses at NIDA and become a defining presence among brilliant acting circles.

Through his NIDA studies, Davion looks forward to the day when he will have worked his way towards an Oscar but more importantly would have grown into the person that he is beginning to be proud of. He has already mentally prepared his speech to be directed at those who have doubted him, and empower the rest who dare to dream big. 

Indeed, life is never about colouring in the straight lines!

Daniel "Davion" Chung Demo Reel from Davion (Pablo) on Vimeo.


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