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Daniel Asher SmithBefore Daniel Asher Smith sprung to Australia in 2015, he shot to relevance as principal dancer with Salzburg Ballet. For 8 years, he toured with primarily Salzburg and Győri Ballettt in Europe in classic ballet texts such as “Romeo & Juliet” (2010) “Marie Antoinette” (2012), “Carmen” (2012), “La Cage Aux Folles (The Birdcage)” (2013) and “Swan Lake” (2014).

With a contra tenor voice, Daniel starred in “Kiss Me Kate” and “Sound of Music” musicals, where the former allowed him to express himself entirely in German, and the latter in expedient but scenery-chewing roles such as Nazi Soldier, Ball Guest and Ensemble. He has also been involved with theatre photography and dance photo shoots, posing for jewelry or portraiture as a model.

Sustaining a professional injury which somewhat forced a re-evaluation of his priorities, Daniel decided to focus on the acting component and letting verbal language and facial gestures speak for themselves in equally profound ways. Whilst standing still requires a different skillset, it has proven rewarding for him wherein he has been able to tap into heightened emotions such as desperate grief in the 2015 short film “When We Were Younger”; entrapped distress as a kidnapped victim in the relationship parable “Naked Rations” (2016) and confounded indecisiveness as a boyfriend searching for the right tampon brand in a supermarket in quirky-serious “Death & Tampon Taxes” (Sydney Film School, 2016).

However, as the spate of audio-visual videos by Third Floor has shown, music is never far from Daniel’s Irish genes. When combined with acting, they make up wonderfully evocative ‘compressed slices of life’ – or vignettes – that may very well mirror his career trajectory.

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