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Belinda La Faber Headshot 2013Belinda La Faber, an early career artist and presenter feels that she is ready to move on to the next step with “interCulture”. She shares a similar philosophy towards transparent and fairer ethnic representation, removing barriers on the basis of skin colour, pointing out that she feels more Australian while acknowledging her cultural heritage as Sri-Lankan. At the same time the arm is two-fold – potentially reaching her goals of presenting through this agency in a professional, diligent, punctual and credible manner.

Born and raised in outer Western Sydney, she fell into presenting by accident while studying for a Bachelor Degree in Education and found that she had a knack of enthralling an audience with an effective, tender and firm presence. Belinda could connect with children, business people and consumers through various educational, advertorial, infotainment, lifestyle and corporate video pieces. In fact, because of her B.A. Ed she specialises in kids’ educational presentation, notably what’s good for their health – the Blackmores Kids Mineral Minds vitamin brand and identifying the food types. Belinda has knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, thus is keen to be considered for such castings/programs. She also has no problems working with animals, like horses!

Moreover she is interested in moving into being a spokesperson for government, believing that she has the mouthpiece needed to represent the best interests of a group or electorate: objective, analytic yet affable and winsome. Since presenting presupposes knowledge of journalism, she has trained in radio, newsreading and interviews for Sydney TAFE Radio, an online radio station.

Belinda’s well-spoken credentials are crossed over from a background in teaching, but can also be accomplished in an acting sense as well. She is beginning to apply her animated and colourful delivery style to comedies such as “Super Awesome” (2013), about two straight men raising funds for a musical about gay marriage – with disastrous results, of course, and the hard-hitting, confronting beats of “Gimme Shelter” (2012) about a young female’s sheer audacity through broken homes and abusive circumstances.

Whatever her audience is, Belinda’s warmth, self-assurance and charm are as suited to acting as much as presenting in lifestyle, advertorial and corporate areas.

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