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AndreaLaingHS2017Based in Atlanta, Georgia, all Andrea Laing ever wanted to do was to be in the lights. Whether it is posing metaphysical questions about desire and ‘what ifs’, re-enacting a cold case murder, navigating through relationship breakdowns or presenting for reality TV, travelogues and awards shows, she enjoys showing off an abundance of incredible material and iconic hotspots in her hometown, and the exciting dimension of travel.

Andrea’s portfolio has ranged from the rags-to-riches element alongside a struggle for forgiveness and redemption in “A Cross to Bear” (2012), scientific knowledge piece “Stuff You Should Know” (2013) and social psychology experiment “Bad Girls” (2007). On the other hand, she tends to aim for irreverent fare “Zombie College: The 5 Rules of Lab Safety” (2013) and “Chainsaw Cheerleaders” (2013) whose titles are alone worth the price of admission. Her work on the Sundance film “Paradise” by Max Makowski in the Philippines gave her the contrivance of all three: independence, passion and exotic locations. More importantly, it exposed her to the ‘verite style’ of filmmaking in the genre of found footage, where she was required to draw from simply a thorough outline, naturalistic acting and authentic dialogue.

Andrea is a certified and experienced freelance host who can create a likeable, delicate and kind face of any segment. She is a regular contributor to “Mood Magazine” and “Get Connected”, who is in the know about fashion trends, entertainment news, business, celebrities, entertainment events and a thriving local hub.

Precise, articulate, consummate and visionary while driving a humanitarian cause when she can, Andrea is always persistent and humble in her pursuits. It is this consistency that shows value in whatever she’s after. She abides by this saying, which has always held her in good steed: ‘Let success make the noise!

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