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Ally Bjornstad Head Shot 2014Ally Bjørnstad is a born and raised Norwegian. She began her career as an actor and instructor at the renowned Drammen Theatre, just outside Oslo. In 2010 Ally graduated from The St. Hallvard School of Theatre and moved to Australia where she fell in love with the warmer climate and subsequently decided to seriously pursue her acting here. She gained acceptance into an intensive course for Victorian College of Arts (VCA).

Ally’s acting highlights at the VCA included “The Season at Sarsaparilla” (directed by Naomi Edwards); “Savage in Limbo” (directed by Peta Coy; a stage reading of “My Man Godfrey” (directed by Tanya Dickson); “The Tempest” (directed by Jenny Kemp) and "It's an Earthquake in My Heart" (directed by Robert Walton). She is also a core member of Flemhouse Productions and in additional to filmmaking skill, has acted in shorts “Beard” and “Red, Blue & White” as well as Norwegian features “Feil sted – Feil tid” and “This Little Piggy”.

Ally’s work ethic allows her to be realistic and choosy about prospects that excite her, leaving very little room for failure. With a ‘can-do, die-hard’ attitude and blustery confidence, this starling is has a very notable Norwegian trait that likes to defy expectations and surprise a lot of people who may not be familiar with her culture and customs. Her material tends to range from transnational romantic dramas like “Gaai” (where she went to shoot at Universal Studios in Mumbai, India that she entered as part of the VICA competition, in January 2014), domestic comedies “The Share House” about difficult housemates and being the mother of a grownup adult with an extreme Peter Pan syndrome in “ManChild”. Furthermore, she is equally at home in social alienation and growing pains with a high school revenge angle in “Gabby’s First Time”, said to be a cross between “Eagle Vs Shark” and “Napoleon Dynamite” set in the 70’s.

At the same time, Ally wants to mount its credibility and appeal as a perfectly competitive film industry onto the world platform. “iCCAM” believes in her exceptionally strong and sincere talent, propping her up for a prospective, impervious and well-trodden career with an international flavour.


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